STREAMES-EDSS 1.0 is an Environmental Decision Support System, a computer application that supports the decision-making processes in stream reach management by encompassing heuristic (expert) and empirical information.

STREAMES can be used to:
  1. infer the river state related to functionality features (i.e., the self-purification capacity of the stream)
  2. diagnose the problems affecting a particular stream reach
  3. suggest potential causes for each of the detected problems
  4. propose a list of suitable management actions to each problem diagnosed, taking into account their potential causes
To accomplish this, STREAMES makes use of a knowledge base that includes, in the form of decision trees, the heuristic knowledge provided by scientists and managers to diagnose problems and deteect causes, as well as a database of stream management actions crosslinked with problem categories and potential causes.

* * *

STREAMES-EDSS 1.0 is registered by the University of Barcelona with legal deposit B.11480-2011